Simple & Natural mode by LAKSHMI

Simple & Natural mode by LAKSHMI

Updated 25th May - About E2V Vendor System in LAKSHMI (about future redelivery)


LAKSHMI -Image Gallery- 2013

[LAKSHMI]Jeans - Eliano & Eliana
(Added 10-Nov.)
 [LAKSHMI]Alberto & Alberta
(Added 2-Nov.)
[LAKSHMI]Basilio & Basilia

(Added 26-Oct.)

*::LAKSHMI::*Boho Kitted/Top04,Skirt04
(Added 20-Oct.)

*::LAKSHMI::*Anais in Purple
(Added 20-Oct.)

*::LAKSHMI::*Jovita in Black
(Added 20-Oct.)

*::LAKSHMI::*Yema in Celeste - Print

*::LAKSHMI::*Bona in Red

*::LAKSHMI::*Zoe in Blue

*::LAKSHMI::*Pilar in Red/Energetic

*::LAKSHMI::*Keisha in Retro/Purple

*::LAKSHMI::*Kasia in green

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Store Policy

Dear customer,

All our products are
•TRY THE DEMO before the purchase

-Failed delivery&double purchase,
send a note card with YOUR NAME,DATE and TRANSACTION NUMBER.
(Me-My Dashboard-Log in-Account-Account history)

The IMs in world are always delivery capped.
We can't replay for IM.
If you need our support,
drop a note card for Romi Dagostino.

-About our sizing
We used the standard sizing in "SOME" items.
And they are not absolute.

We wanna have priority in the clothes design.
That's meaning,
if our items might be lost the original shape of the design,
we do not use standard sizing,
also we don't agree to make big size.


Thank you for your corporation<3


About the Rigged Mesh Wear

We published this page for the general customer.
We don't answer any question about the technical. 
About the skin weight mesh products.

1. You need use the viewers that enable to show mesh products.

2. You can’t edit it in world.
(Also the creator of those meshes can't mod it in world.)
Neither with resize script.
Also they can’t position change.

3. Mesh is not perfect for all the poses.
Please try the demo with your animation.

4. Also mesh is not perfect for all the shapes.

Sobre los productos del skin weight mesh.

1.Tenemos que usar el visor que se puede funcionar con los productos de mesh.

2.No podemos modificarlo en el mundo de SL como los productos de prim y sculpted prim.
(No lo puede nadie,ni los creadores que han hecho los productos de skin weight mesh.)

3.No son perfectos en todas las  poses.

4.Tampoco, son perfectos en todos los shapes.

☆Shape Points for wearing the rigged mesh clothings☆

Sometime you need modify your shape for them.

This is a little tip for wearing the rigged mesh clothings.

・Torso(If your breast is not match a dress with which the breast opened specially.)
Brest Size/Breast Buoyancy/Breast Cleavage

・Legs(The hips & waist overflow from the clothe?)
Hip Width/Butt Size

Also you may check the other points.


More about the Liquid Mesh & Fitted Mesh

We published this page for the general customer.
We don't answer any question about the technical. 

Dear Customer,

We would like to talk more about the liquid mesh & fitted mesh.

A few weeks ago,
LL released new viewer for fitted mesh with avatar physics.
Also Fire storm viewer 4.6.1 & the newest singularity.

And we were checked if they are working or not.

I wore fitted mesh wear(this have the avatar physics bones) in LL newest ver. & FS 4.6.1 viewer.
Surely it's worked perfect.

But in Firestorm 4.4 viewer,

They are not working.

Liquid Mesh was begun from great shop "REDGRAVE"!
And some creator used the method in their times (also we are,too!).
It's working with both (old & newest) viewers.

But Fitted Mesh is not working in the old viewers.
(Allow us to leave out the explanation.It is so complain generally)

Anyway please try the demo before the purchase always.

Thank you.

Best Regards,
Romi Dagositno (LAKSHMI admin) & staff

19-April 2014


About the Liquid Mesh

We published this page for the general customer.
We don't answer any question about the technical. 

Dear Customer,

We would like to talk you about the LQ little.

LQ,It will be named by LL "Fitted Mesh".
Actually,LL announced it also they're working about the fitted mesh.
Here is the wiki.secondlife's link.

They will have more bones(if you can't understand the "bones" here,it is not important),
the meaning,rigged mesh items will be more fitting on your shape.
(But we think,it'll be not 100% perfect)

The new bones are here.


They affected for avatar physics.

LL released new fitted mesh viewer in 12 feb. 2014.

And now,we explain you about our LQ(=this is not the fitted mesh) items.
We do not hava up date plan to fitted mesh in our existing product.

And now,we wanna to suggest you about some check points in the avatar's shape for wearing rigged mesh & liquid mesh wear,if your shape can modify.

You can check your shape size In appearance/Body Parts or Edit My Shape

Body -  Body Fat
Torso - Torso Muscles/Breast Size/Breast Buoyancy/Breast Cleavage
Legs - Butt Size/Saddle Bags/Knee Angle

Anyway you need try the DEMO before your purchase with your own animation.

Have fun!


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Thank you for your posting

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