Simple & Natural mode by LAKSHMI

Simple & Natural mode by LAKSHMI

Updated 25th May - About E2V Vendor System in LAKSHMI (about future redelivery)


[LAKSHMI]Oiran costume list

Welcome to this page.

We would like to say all customers thank you for loving them, since we had released those items.

We are so happy that all of they are very featured and long seller items.
We have heart & soul in our items always, 
and we respect a cultural costumes.

Demo in MP
Miyabi  Takao  Tamagiku  Kurenai
Ma Cherie 1  Ma Cherie 2  Flor A  Flor B
Demo versions are not all shown.
All hairs by TKW hair.
(Thank you for your support!)

Includes in Full Version :
Kimono Coat + Kimono(All in 1 & w/o Sash)
Kimono Only(All in 1 & w/o Sash) - Texture changeable(HUD driven)
2 Style Sashes(bow & board styles for w/o sash models)

Maitreya - Auto alpha script in (Mait Alpha)
SLINK/Belleza - includes Alpha HUDs for wear with (LQ)

This item is wearable with mesh bodies.
Especially, perfect fit well Maitreya mesh body.
(in our investigation with KIMONO AO & average body type)

If you're a past purchaser in them, 
you can got the alpha HUDs(is free) in our main store,
at 2nd floor(and turn left), where is our cultural costume section.

- Sashes for mix & much.
(available in-world store only)

- About Kimono AO
We make a strong recommendation to you to USE kimono AO with the kimonos.
They make a beautiful movement when youre wearing kimonos.
Exia  KH  *Miroku*  in MP

- About body shape for Kimono
This kimono were rigged with SL avatar.
(Meaning, breast & hip are not follow with your shape's numeric value.)

But this rig is very convenience for traditional Kimono mesh style.
Because in real world, 
people makes their body shapes like I when wearing kimono beautifully.
(Big breast should be make to flat, wrapping with cotton fabrics.
Curvy waist should be make to more straight with towels,  wrap in the part.
We want to bring them closer to reality about the kimonos.)

- Oiran foot wear

Attention : We had reduce price & repackaged in some items.
It's according to social trend like real life marketing.
We do not accept refund & exchange in your past purchase items.
Thank you for your understanding.